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Maxine Kumin lives on a farm in central New Hampshire. She has published thirteen volumes of poetry, as well as novels, short stories, and essays on country living (including Women, Animals, and Vegetables). She was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1973 and has been a poetry consultant for the Library of Congress and Poet Laureate of New Hampshire. She was awarded the Poets Prize in 1993 and received the Aiken/Taylor Award for Modern Poetry in 1995. She also received the Ruth E. Lily Prize in 1999. In 1995, Kumin became a chancellor of the Academy of American Poets but resigned that post four years later, along with Carolyn Kizer, in protest over the board’s reluctance to admit poets of color. This act led to an entire restructuring of the institution’s bylaws.


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Also by Maxine Kumin

– Nurture
– The Long Approach
– Our Ground Time Here Will Be Brief
– The Retrival System
– House, Bridge, Fountain, Gate
– Up Country
– The Nightmare Factory
– The Privilege
– Halfway
– Looking for Luck (1992)
– Connecting the Dots (1996)
– Selected Poems: 1960–1990 (1997)
– The Long Marriage (2001)



– Inside the Halo and Beyond


– Quit Monks or Die!
– The Designated Heir
– The Abduction
– The Passions of Uxport
– Through Dooms of Love

Short Stories

– Why Can’t We Live Together Like Civilized Human Beings?


– In Deep: Country Essays
– To Make a Prairie: Essays on Poets, Poetry, and Country Living

Essays and Stories

– Women, Animals, and Vegetables
– Always Beginning: Essays on a Life in Poetry


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