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Nina Cassian, born in 1924 in Galati, Romania, has published over fifty books, including Life Sentence: Selected Poems, edited by William Jay Smith, plus works of fiction and books for children. She is also a composer of classical music (chamber and symphonic) and was a journalist, film critic, and translator of Shakespeare, Bertold Brecht, Christian Morgenstern Iannis Ritsos, and Paul Celan. Her poems have appeared in The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, New England Review, and American Poetry Review. Exiled from Romania in 1985, she is currently working on her memoirs and lives in New York City.


More on Nina Cassian

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Nina Cassian, Romanian Poet Exiled for Skewering Regime, Dies at 89 from The NY Times

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Also by Nina Cassian

Blue Apple
Lady of Miracles
Call Yourself Alive


Poetry in Romanian

– On the Scale of One to One (La scala 1/1)
– Our Soul (Sufletul Nostru)
– Vital Year, 1917 (An viu, noua sute si saptesprezece)
– Horea not alone anymore (Horea nu mai esta singur)
– Youth (Tinerete)
– Selected poems (Versuri alese)
– The Measures of the Year (Verstele anulai)
– Dialogue of the Wind and Sea (Dialogul vintuli cu marea)
– Spectacle in the Open-air—A Monograph of Love (Spectacol in aer liber—o monografie a dragostei)
– Gift Giving (Sa ne facum daruri)
– The Discipline of the Harp (Disciplina harfei)
– The Blood (Singele)
– Parallel Destinies (Destinele Paralele)
– Ambit (Ambitus)
– Time Devouring: Selected Poems (Cronofagie)
– Requiem (Recviem)
– The Big Conjugation (Marea conjugare)
– Lotto Poems (Loto poeme)
– Suave (Suave)
– Spectacle in the Open-air: Selected Love Poems (Spectacol in aer liber)
– One Hundred Poems (O suta de poeme)
– Orbits (Viraje)
– For Mercy (Indurare)
– Count Down (Numaratoarea inversa)


Fiction in Romanian

– You’re Terrific—I’m Leaving You: (Atit de grozava si adio)
– Fictitious Confessions (Confidente fictive)
– Parlor Games (Jocuri de vacanta)


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